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I am quite delighted to present this book review, for the first time ever, I am going to feature a local author, she’s no longer new to me as I have been a fan of her works at wattpad (Yes, I have that app on my phone!). When she posted about publishing a book, I couldn’t help but to pull a Katniss Everdeen and volunteer to review, to be fair, I haven’t read this one though it has been on my TBR List.

Here’s the story blurb: 

“You silly, silly girl,” a voice whispered close to my ear. And as I tried to open my eyes to look at my rescuer, I felt a soft kiss on my forehead.

“W-who are y-you?” I stuttered, the cold making me shiver uncontrollably as I slowly succumbed to darkness.

The only thing I would remember before the darkness totally got to me would be my rescuer’s eyes.

Those bright, golden eyes I’d never seen on anyone before.

Deanna woke up feeling like she shouldn’t even be alive. All she remembered from the day before was someone rescuing her from a certain death. She was stumped though as to who it could be, wracking her brain for days to try and figure out who could have saved her. She felt like it could be her friend, Ram, however as all points were leading towards him. But that couldn’t be, could it now? Because Ram…

Ram was already gone.

Vita Et Morte (translated as “life and death”) is a heavenly story about Deanna and Ramliel, two very different individuals yet there is some kind of wonderful and mystifying attraction for each other. An angel of death and a human being, Ram and Deanna had been in each other’s lives but circumstances tear them apart. As a nephilim, Ramliel had the capacity to watch over Deanna and have been involved in preventing her from dying – which causes him to be reprimanded by his Boss, the Almighty.

It came to a point that Ramliel have to make a choice…will he choose life? or death? Read on to unravel the story of Ramliel and Deanna, this book will take you to places and give you the “feels” and the “shivers”. True enough, love is such a powerful force that would lift us up and above and then bring us down so smoothly or so intensely.

Five Black Feathery Stars for this read!

About the Author

Ruth Medina-Ilasco is a full-time, work-from-home wife and mom who loves to travel, loves to take photos, loves to write and loves anything artsy-fartsy. She writes simply because she loves to write and has been writing ever since she was but a wee little child.

Ruth can be reached via social media @wuthie16 and