Mga kataga

I am very thankful to Sullivan and Partners, LLC for another epic eARC experience; so let’s talk about this book called “Perfect Ten” by Nikki Worrell. It’s one of the rowdiest, naughtiest and sweetest book that I’ve read this year, so far!

It’s about this “unextraordinary” boy meets girl kind of story…Joe, all hotness and mighty, works as an “escort” and the sweet but quite reserved Faith needs a “date” for her sister’s wedding…nope, it wasn’t her idea to get an escort but somehow she ended up with the best escort in the house.

Faith is a plus size woman and on a side note, I would like to thank Nikki Worrell for putting a “real” woman in the story, a curvy, smart and really pretty inside out kind of lady! I’ve been reading a lot about curvy women in stories these days and it’s great! Going back to Faith, she’s a wall flower, so to speak, not the one to take risks and always follow orders and
thinks that she’s not good enough.

Joe, on the other hand, is not just a “perfect ten” but a rational guy who always seem to get himself in trouble…and boy did he found trouble when he first laid his eyes on our girl Faith. He felt things he never thought he would feel and somehow ended up doing crazy things he never thought he would do for a girl.

I just love the way the story is written, the POVs of the characters are so hilarious and witty (especially Joe’s) I also love how Faith is surrounded by very loving and supportive girlfriends – because, really, for us ladies, that’s what we need right? How their story  unfolded – despite many stops and turns, is just amazing! If you are looking for a fun, sultry and sweet read, take a candy…a man candy in Nikki Worrell’s “Perfect Ten”

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